war clash

Improve your attack getting 3 stars in a battle!

The evolution of the classic clash of clans builder system, dedicated to all fans of this war strategy game. Without using any hack or cheats, stop exploring the enemy maps incorrectly and find the vulnerable points of each coc base and dominate the game!

clan castle

Clash of Clans guide

Analyzing the village: Control the sky before attack with Dragons or Balloons

clash of clans guide

Explore map layout

Scout the X-Bows in the base of the enemy for attack using Valkyries

best clash of clans base

Troop Count

Calculate how many troops despatch to destroy an enemy defence

Nice Features

  • Calculate how many troops despatch to destroy a defence
  • Find the weaknesses of your village
  • Find the attack points of the enemy map
  • Choose the best coc attack strategy
  • Setup a correct clash of clans base layout:
    War, Farming, Trophy and Hybrid
  • Plan an adequate defense and attack during the clan war preparation
  • Choose the right troups to receive/donate with your friendly war bases

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